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The one .ENERGY domain for many types of energy

You are probably used to firms in Energy sector having .com or country-specific domains and might be surprised to find that there are such domains as .energy Most firms in this sector are older and haven’t had a chance to buy such domains and make them their primary domain.

This domain type is available since 2014:

This .energy domain may be used by many types of energy businesses

Using any type of energy source or fuel:

Renewable Energy , Wind Energy , Solar Energy , Hydropower Energy , Wave Energy , Biogas Energy , Biomass Energy , Fossil-Fuel Energy , Oil&Gas Energy , Nuclear Energy , Fusion Energy

At any point of Energy cycle:

Energy Production, Energy Transit, Energy Trading, Energy Storage, Energy Conservation, Energy Recovery, Energy Law

For any type of service or product:

Energy Engineering, Energy Design, Energy Procurement, Energy Contruction, Energy EPC, Energy Sector Services, Energy Training, Energy R&D, Energy Sector Equipment, Smart Energy Grid, Energy Consulting, Energy Audit, Energy Regulation

Benefits of .energy domain

It is a gTLD domain

.energy domain is a gTLD – GENERIC TOP LEVEL DOMAIN – i.e. of the same type as .com domains.

It is elegant and efficient

If the name of your company is ABC Energy LLC, then ABC.ENERGY domain is an ideal choice… there is no need for „-” between words or lumping words together.

Which one is more elegant?

Which email is easier to memorise and shorter to type?

It has worldwide reach

If you are present in numerous countries then you do not need to purchase and keep up domains in each country... most likely some of the domains will be taken by the time you enter a new market

It is sector specific but not limiting

It is not limiting your business to one type of energy... e.g. .solar domain would be limiting for a business active also in wind energy or other types of energy.

It has a modern-look

Domains like .energy .capital .finance .partners are becoming more and more popular, but still are raising some eyebrows and often are a good conversation starter.

It has a stable domain manager

Donuts manages the world's largest portfolio of gTLDs. The company specializes in the discovery, registration, use, and monetization of domain names.

It is a reputable Company based in Bellevue, Washington (USA).

How does domain purchase look like?

We would use a third party - an entrusted broker which takes care of secure transfer of the domain and payment.

1. The seller transfers the domain to the broker

2. The buyer and seller agree on transaction price

3. The buyer sends funds to escrow at the broker

4. The seller issues invoice to the broker

5. The broker issues invoice to the buyer and sends to him all information

6. The buyer is the new owner and can transfer the domain to any other service provider.

Contact details

For contact regarding purchase of this domain please send a message to